New York rapper 50 Cent is having a jump start on Throwback Thursday. The hip-hop stud has hit up social media to go back in time with a vintage pic.

Curtis Jackson went to Instagram Wednesday (October 11) with a childhood shot of himself.

#PostAndDelete: #50cent speaks!

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Last night, 50’s son Marquise Jackson clapped at him on social media over a child support joke.

#50cents son #Marquise didn't find his post funny 😩🌚

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#50cent vs fan #ClapBackSeason 😩

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Recently, Marquise talked about their distanced relationship.


“I had a relationship with him growing up but I can’t pinpoint when things started going sour but it was something over time where a certain event occurred and it was an unhealthy bond,” Marquise told host Scott Bejda. “I haven’t spoken to him. The most contact we usually have is through Instagram. He didn’t make it to my graduation for what reason you would have to interview him and ask him that.” (“Murder Master Music Show”)

Marquise also weighed-in on how Fif’s headline-generating beefs used to get back to him.

“When I was younger all his beefs apply to me even though they didn’t have anything to do with me. When you have a problem with somebody now they automatically think I;m the next closest person to him. This was before people knew our relationship was estranged. But I guess that comes with the territory.” (“Murder Master Music Show”)