New York rapper 50 Cent is out here playing judge and jury. The hip-hop veteran has hit up social media to share his stance toward the trend of snitching in 2018.

Fif went to Instagram Thursday (March 15) to suggest there’s a drastic difference between 80’s and 90’s babies when it comes to appearing in court.

Last month, rappers Casanova 2x and Memphis Bleek applauded disses 50 Cent fired off at fellow hip-hop artist Troy Ave.

A few hours prior, 50 Cent singled out Troy Ave with his hard-hitting post about taking the stand in a publicized 2016 shooting case.

Earlier in the month, Troy Ave came forward to address where things stood between himself and Casanova 2x.

“I’m not gonna let my pride be a handicap and stop me in life. Because like I said, people have more pride than money. In certain situations, like the A**anova thing, he’s doing a Pimpin’ Curly skit. And what did [Rick] Ross do? He just kept working and working. I’m just gonna [keep working]. I don’t care about that.” (“The Breakfast Club”)