New York rapper 50 Cent isn’t slowing down with “Power.” Instead, the hip-hop artist-turned-actor has promised his long-awaited Black Mafia Family TV series will take over Hollywood.

Last night, Fif went to Instagram to make a hefty promise about what’s to come.

A few months ago, G-Unit’s Tony Yayo showed off his anticipation for BMF to land on the small screen.


Days prior, 50 Cent revealed how soon actors could look forward to casting details.


Earlier the same week, BMF boss Big Meech‘s son Lil Meech talked about his dad rolling with 50 to bring his story to the small screen.

“My dad always has respect for 50 and he really wanted to give people opportunities. As far as me, too, wanted to give other people the opportunities for the hood. He always said the hood to Hollywood. He always wanted to give people a chance. I can’t wait. I’m excited. He’s excited. We can’t wait ’til everything gets in motion.” (DJ Smallz Eyez)