G-Unit head 50 Cent may have sparked a huge debate this week after calling past collaborator and fellow Forbes Cash King Jay Z an overrated entertainer. #MostOverrated

Appearing on talk show host Andy Cohen‘s “Watch What Happens Live,” Fif took a slight jab at Jigga.

“Overrated? Jay Z. He would say he’s overrated. ‘Rather be overrated than underpaid,'” 50 said when asked who he felt was hip-hop’s most overrated rapper. (“Watch What Happens Live”)

Earlier this year, the New York native made the Top 5 of Forbes’ “Wealthiest Hip-Hop Artists” list alongside Young Hov.

1. Diddy $700 million 2. Dr. Dre $550 million 3. Jay Z $520 million 4. Birdman $160 million 5. 50 Cent $140 million (Forbes)

Recently, Curtis Jackson dished out his best business advice.

“Always assess the company you’re thinking about dealing with. What is their value? I won’t do business with people who aren’t respected. If a person is not focussed on you and is going to work harder with someone else, I don’t care to work with them at all. You need to find people who understand what it means to have a connection. When you see the success of Beats by Dre as an audio company, and you see what the association is with the actual product – that’s the connection I’m talking about! But, some people are snails, and they’re slow to get on board stuff that’s going on so then I need to pass and let them get on outta here.” (GQ Magazine)

The Unit head also revealed the most surprising thing he’s discovered since becoming famous.

“The strangest things happen to me in my career. You know, I’ll go to a basketball game and I’ll sit next to Meryl Streep and it goes everywhere. And, then I go to a baseball game and I throw the pitch, and now there are the funniest clips of my throw out there online. I’m just like “Wow, what’s going on here?” Everything I hear about myself has nothing to do with the music and never focuses on my actual work.” (GQ Magazine)


Check out 50 Cent’s interview: