With rap star 50 Cent nearing his 40’s, the G-Unit head recently hinted at an interest in expanding his family tree by having more kids in the future.

Fif said despite his desire for normalcy, fame and wealth have made things difficult.

“I guess I’m not normal,” Fif said in an interview. “I do look forward to having more kids. I’d like to have a little more normalcy. You can’t ask for it. It’s a Catch 22. If you aim for the normalcy of a walk in the mall, and look at things, and buy the things that you can buy. I can buy anything in the mall, I just can’t go to the mall.” (AHH)

Last month, the rap star claimed he found love while in Las Vegas.

“Ok I’m in VEGAS I’m getting married tonight.SMSaudio,” he tweeted November 17th.

“I just met her in the lobbyRT @RemKelly: “@50cent: Ok I’m in VEGAS I’m getting married tonight.SMSaudio” to who bruh ?”

“Man she so fine oh my God,wait I gotta check this chick out. She probably crazy ass a mother f?cker SMSaudio” (50 Cent’s Twitter)

Over the summer, the G-Unit head described his version of an ideal woman.

“One that has her own goals and directions,” Fif said when asked what type of woman excites him. “If she’s more knowledgeable in more areas, [it’s] that moment when you just have to be quiet and listen ’cause she knows better than you, you go, ‘Okay, how that work?’ [A fun evening?] Watching movies and stuff like that. [Who cooks?] Gayle [King]. [laughs]” (“Oprah’s Next Chapter”)

Last year, 50 had a short-lived but publicized romance with late night talk show host Chelsea Handler.

“We were friends. We’re not friends really anymore. I haven’t spoken to him in a while… We had sex,” Handler revealed. “It was fun. I’ve told other people. Don’t feel special. [You feel special?] Well, I’m not gonna lie…I’m not interested in motherhood at all.” (Esquire)

Check out a recent 50 Cent interview: