Rap heavyweight 50 Cent has more things on his mind than his recently reunited G-Unit crew and showed it by hinting at an upcoming joint project in the works with Hollywood veteran Marlon Wayans.

Fif teased fans about something stirring up with Wayans onto Instagram over Labor Day Weekend.

“Oh we working, we ain’t playing at all.me and Marlon wayans,” 50 captioned to a photo alongside Wayans August 30. (50 Cent’s Instagram)

Coincidentally, Curtis Jackson posted a shot next to Hollywood stud Idris Elba a few days prior.

“Yea it’s da kid, and your boy idris Elba.,” Fif captioned August 27. (50 Cent’s Instagram)

Recently, popular actor Terry Crews suggested 50 and his rap foe Rick Ross should consider joining the Expendables movie franchise.

“For me, I want to see Rick Ross,” Crews said in an interview when asked what musician he would like to see become an Expendables cast member. “I would love to see Rick Ross as a kingpin or somewhere in the Expendables. You know what I mean? Some African dictator who ain’t playing. 50 [Cent] would be on our side. 50 wouldn’t be a bad guy, he would be on our side. [laughs] There you go!” (BET)

Earlier this summer, Fif expressed an interest in being a part of the Marvel Universe.

That’s because Fif wants to play a “bad guy” in an upcoming Marvel superhero film, but “the kind you start to like,” he told MTV News recently, giving a bit of a description of his musical career, as well. “Because we all have a streak of a rebel in us, so you find yourself rooting for the bad guy at some point,” he said. “The Joker was that in ‘Batman.'” Beyond that, he wants to play himself — in “Star Wars.” “There’s so many good roles to play in ‘Star Wars,’ they can just let me walk by in the back,” he joked. (MTV)