New York rapper 50 Cent‘s savagery is reaching all-time highs. The hip-hop veteran has reminded fans he’s still flaming estranged pal Floyd Mayweather Jr. with a hard-hitting meme.

Fif went to Instagram Monday (February 11) and clowned Mayweather about wearing the same attire as R&B singer Mary J. Blige.

In December, 50 relied on social media to troll Mayweather about a New Year’s Eve bout.

Back in mid-November, buzz developed about Floyd gearing back up for a bout against Tenshin Nasukawa.

We talked to Floyd Wednesday night as he left Peter Marco jewelry in Beverly Hills … and he told us the fight is very much alive. “We’re gonna make it happen.” “Rules? It’s gonna be a little boxing exhibition. No kicking,” Floyd told us … “I’m moving around with the guy for 9 minutes, and of course it’s gonna be the highest paid exhibition ever.” (TMZ)

In November, 50 Cent and UFC fighter Conor McGregor trolled Mayweather’s comeback fight going down next month.