New York rapper 50 Cent isn’t just trolling celebs anymore. The hip-hop star has lit up 16-year-old “Dr. Phil” guest Treasure after professing she’s white.

Over the past few days, 50 has fired shots at the teen with hard-hitting Instagram posts.

This week, Dr. Phil pulled through on “The Breakfast Club” to discuss Treasure’s appearance.

“She drove me crazy. You know, when you get somebody that is that radical, the first thing you do is think, ‘Is this a put on?’ But before we have someone on, we do a deep dive on people before they ever get on. This mother was desperate. What happened was this girl was adopted and her mother did not tell her her father was a white guy. He died and when he died, mom said, ‘Oh, by the way, that was your stepdad. You’re not biracial. Your real dad is black.’ And she was like, ‘What?’ She had no idea and at that same time they moved out of the suburbs and into the city and her whole life changed and she freaked out.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Last week, her mom also appeared on “Dr. Phil” to speak on her identity crisis.

Treasure’s mother, Monique, and brother, Kendal, brought the teen to Dr. Phil (of all people) to see if he could help her because she’s an embarrassment to them. According to Treasure, she’s “completely and utterly better” than other Black people. “She wouldn’t play with the Black children,” Monique says. “Treasure would mangle or destroy her Black dolls. She would cut their heads off, pull off their arms. She would pretend that they were the white dolls’ slaves.” (Essence)

During her appearance, Treasure explained why she doesn’t believe she’s black.

“Most African-Americans speak ghetto, and when it comes to Black people, I think they’re all ugly, and I have nothing in common with them. I act and think like a white person, instead of a Black person. When I think about African-Americans, I feel like asking them, ‘What is wrong with them’? They’re really dangerous.” (Dr. Phil)