New York rapper 50 Cent always has time for trolling. The G-Unit boss took a break from his heavy schedule to playfully fire a shot at fast food franchise Burger King over its new coffee pricing.

On Tuesday, Curtis Jackson poked fun at the iconic burger spot for its revamped price.

This week, reports emerged about Burger King launching a $5 monthly subscription plan for people.

Burger King rolled out its own coffee subscription service: a cup a day for $5 a month. The chain is betting on the service to get early risers in the door — and away from other big names in the fast-food breakfast game. The calculus is simple: Sell cheap coffee, sell more breakfast. If subscribers ordered coffee everyday of March, they’d pay roughly 16 cents per piping-hot cup. And while they’re at it, they might just pick up a breakfast sandwich or pancake platter on their way out. (Washington Post)

Burger King customers would have to use the company’s app to use its subscription service or pay a new standard 50 cent small coffee price.

To access the Burger King Cafe Coffee subscription deal, customers can download the Burger King app. The service only applies to a small hot coffee and cannot be paired with a delivery order. A small cup of coffee at Burger King without the subscription service varies between $1 and $1.29 depending on the market, however the Miami-based chain announced it would drop the price of a small cup of coffee to 50-cents for those who don’t participate in the subscription service starting Monday. (MarketWatch)

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