G-Unit leader 50 Cent recently revealed his marital status and admitted a certain British reality television judge has won over his attention.

According to Fif, he has been glued to watching “Britain’s Got Talent” judge Alesha Dixon.

The Britain’s Got Talent host, 34, has caught the eye of hotshot rapper 50 Cent. Fiddy has been watching the show from his American base and wants to take the ex Mis-Teeq singer on a date. The Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ star, 37, said: “Ever since the Susan Boyle audition went crazy over here people have been following Britain’s Got Talent. (Daily Star)

To add fuel to the fire, Curtis Jackson said he wanted to take Dixon on a date.

“We don’t get the show, but news channels always pick up the big acts and we catch it online. I saw the judge Alesha and I was like: ‘Damn, she is hot.’ I’m single at the moment and you better believe that next time I’m over in Britain I am taking her out to party.” (Daily Star)

Coincidentally, the G-Unit head recently named Britain one of his favorite non-United States spots.

“I’m going to go on an international tour following this [Street King Immortal release], with my music and stuff like that when I get back,” Fif revealed in an interview. “[Where do I love most outside of my home?] London. I do, I like London because it’s like your first stop, your first international spot. You be like, ‘Wow, I’m in London.’ Like, the record company takes you to London from the US. It’s the very first place and you get a chance to enjoy it.” (TV Total)

Back in January, Fif briefly talked about his short-lived romance with late night talk show host Chelsea Handler.

“I need to be careful about what I say about that because with Chelsea, she’s a sweetheart, yeah, she’s as crazy as I am,” Fif told Katie Couric. “Conversation, the things she actually says, really strong personality and so you have to adapt. You have to be really quick on your feet to respond. Or you just take a beating. [How long did we date?] A few months. [Am I single now?] Yeah. [More kids?] Yes, I do. I spent about seven months of last year on different sets because I’ve been working on film projects and I travel so much when I’m actually touring that I’m just kind of all over the place. But a lot of free time [I stay] in Los Angeles because I have two television shows that were picked up on two separate networks that we haven’t actually announced yet. [My future girlfriend,] she has to come with me. Yeah. [laughs]” (“Katie”)