50 Cent has weighed in on Rick Ross‘ prediction to sell millions with Deeper Than Rap, calling the rapper’s claims “the funniest thing he could come up with.”

The G-Unit leader described the negative effects Ross would encounter upon the release of his upcoming album’s release.

“When people get more publicity than they usually get, from an artist’s standpoint, and it has nothing to do with their music, what usually happens is you make the public totally aware of you,” Fif said in an interview. “Which is good until the release date, and you see no one has bought your record. The public is totally aware you’re trash and your material’s not generating any interest. That’s when you do the damage to yourself, because you don’t want more publicity than your actual music is commanding.” Responding to Ross’ millions in sales, Fif said, “I thought that was the funniest thing he could come up with.” (MTV News)

Aside from promising to outsell 50 with his album’s release, Ross has also began a video blog speaking on his project’s predicted sales.

“This is the Boss right here, part two,” he says in the clip pointing out the Ross cake. “It’s little Ross. Feel me? I know what y’all wanna do to me out there. Y’all wanna take my head off, huh…Spin n*ggas heads around? Well look at it, it’s the closest you’ll ever get to it…How many records Deeper Than Rap gonna sell…We laughin’ at these n*ggas. We selling millions….Mon-key. Mon-keeey. Go buy the album, mon-keey.” (This Is Sabrinas Sin)

Along with album sales, Ross has attempted taunted G-Unit members by questioning Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks‘ loyalty to 50.

“F*cking monkeys, you work for me,” Ross said in the clip. “Tony Yayo, you 48 years old and been snortin’ powder for 40…[50], I’mma keep sonnin’ you for the rest of your life…Sha Money, he gonna fire you again, you know whenever he feel himself, he fire all y’all n*ggas. So next time he fire you, Sha Money, come work for me…Tony Yayo, when the last time he took your grandma shopping? Lloyd Banks, y’all been loyal to this n*gga, y’all should kill this n*gga at the next meeting and come holla at me, I’ll give you $100,000.” (World Star Hip Hop)

Yayo skipped the jokes, releasing the anti-Ross song, “Somebody Snitched.”

“It’s time for me to go in on this fat a** cop,” he says in the intro. “Yeah I never had drama with the cops, but I’ll Larry Davis Rick Ross with the glock/Your life is fabricated, what bricks you moving/ Homie ask E-Class, I’m known for shootin’…n*ggas f*ck with Rick Ross, hell no, he po-po/He the next Ja Rule, and [DJ] Khaled be hatin’/Remember last time p**sy at the radio station. (This Is 50)

Check out 50 speaking on Rick Ross below:

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