New York rapper 50 Cent isn’t playing fair. The hip-hop star has responded to shade coming his way from 21 Savage and revealed he low-key leaked a “Power” episode.

Fif went to Instagram Monday (August 20) to acknowledge Sav’s frustrations over having to wait on episode eight and copped to a leak.

Yesterday, “Power” actor Larenz Tate acknowledged fans having to wait a full week before watching a new episode.

A few hours prior, 21 Savage playfully ripped “Power” executive producer 50 Cent over the setback.

“Man, somebody get the strap for this n*gga 50, man. He lame as h*ll. He don’t wanna let ‘Power’ come on. D*mn, 50. We wanna watch ‘Power.’ Lame a** n*gga. Put that sh*t on. Get the strap!”

Heading into the weekend, “Power” creator Courtney Kemp broke fans’ hearts when she announced they’d have to wait it out for a new episode.