New York rapper 50 Cent‘s starting to feel confident again. The hip-hop stud has come forward to update everyone on his new “50 Central” TV ratings.

Fif went to Instagram Friday (October 13) to announce his show’s growing popularity.

This week, Curtis Jackson responded to his son Marquise poking fun at his BET project.

#50cent had time today – He Stepped into #TheShadeRoom

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Hours prior, Marquise sparked social media’s attention by getting at his dad’s child support release party Instagram joke.

#50cents son #Marquise didn't find his post funny 😩🌚

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#50cent vs fan #ClapBackSeason 😩

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Recently, Marquise talked about their distanced relationship.

“I had a relationship with him growing up but I can’t pinpoint when things started going sour but it was something over time where a certain event occurred and it was an unhealthy bond,” Marquise told host Scott Bejda. “I haven’t spoken to him. The most contact we usually have is through Instagram. He didn’t make it to my graduation for what reason you would have to interview him and ask him that.” (“Murder Master Music Show”)