50 Cent Removes Lil’ Kim Meme After Getting Clapped At

Written By Cyrus Langhorne

Fif doesn't wanna rumble w/ the Bee

New York rapper 50 Cent didn't get the last laugh and isn't worried about it. The hip-hop veteran has appeared to wave the white flag in a sudden Lil' Kim and Mr. Papers clashing after getting checked by the couple over a disrespectful meme he shared to the world.

50 Cent
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50 Cent Removes Lil’ Kim Meme

Fifty went to his Instagram page heading into Independence Day Weekend with a refreshed page showing no evidence of the owl meme he used to poke fun at the Queen Bee. The rap heavyweight also shared a new meme hinting at his possible state of mind and vow to live stress-free following the drama.

“see what happens when you over think sh*t. LOL i’m not stressing nothing ! catch FOR LIFE on IMDb Tv now.”

Lil’ Kim Rejected 50 Cent’s Hookup Attempt

Hours prior, Kim revealed Fifty tried to link up with her and went as far as asking her out on a date. Lil’ Kim used the situation to promote her new book, in which she details the entire situation with Fif and defends her relationship with her husband.

😂😂The accuracy 😭😭 Hilarious 😂 I ain’t bothered not one bit. My family & friends more mad than me. 😂Sh*t like this don’t move me one way or another cause I’m still a bad b&tch that n*ggaz b*tches, mommies, daughters, and aunties still want to be till this day and I love it!! 😂😂

Lil’ Kim gave 50 Cent a taste of his own medicine and didn’t hold back. She went full troll mode on the “Power” boss.

@50cent I see u still in ur feels about that dinner date u asked me on that I had to turn down. Let it go u have a beautiful girlfriend, I have a loving husband. Let it go. And for those of u coming at my husband, Mr. Papers, he did real n*gga sh*t. What a husband is suppose to do. 💪🏾💯 All y’all can go to h*ll. Not Respectfully. 50cent, I address that situation all in my book coming in November. Make sure you go get it. Pre-orders available now.”

Lil’ Kim’s Man Checks 50 Cent

It seems everyone has had enough of 50 Cent’s jokes especially Lil’ Kim’s love interest Mr. Papers, who came to his wifey’s defense in the Instagram comment section. The hip-hop entertainer has stepped up to check the “Power” executive for doing the most toward the Queen Bee.

Last weekend, Kim appeared at the BET Awards with a Prada bang and rocked the house along with fellow female rappers Rapsody, MC Lyte and Monie Love in a Queen Latifah tribute. Despite her great performance, 50 Cent couldn’t let that bang go and posted a comparison between Queen Bee and a bird.

“who did this sh*t, this ain’t right. LOL catch FOR LIFE on IMDb Tv now !”

Mr. Papers took this opportunity to stick up for his girl and warned 50 Cent to fall back on getting at Kim.

“Leave my wife out the Jokes Ya heard”

Lil’ Kim Reveals What Pandemic Struggle She Overcame

Recently, the Queen Bee went to her Instagram page and didn’t hold back on a wellness-related post. She revealed having to deal with some do-it-yourself approaches to her haircare during the coronavirus pandemic.

“One thing I’ve been focusing on during the pandemic is my wellness and I wanna take you on my journey with some #wellnesswednesday 💆🏽‍♀️ Keeping it healthy during the pandemic was hard when salons and stores were closed. One thing that happened during this lockdown to my hair is that it really made my hair dry so I had to resort to some DIY treatments to keep it healthy. These pics are my natural hair before and after. Tell me some of your hair diy tips! And yup, and that’s my beautiful god mommy @terripelote always watching my back and praying all the demons away 😂”

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Written by Cyrus Langhorne

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