New York rapper 50 Cent is flexing a little political and cultural wit. The hip-hop veteran went to social media to weigh-in on the drama surrounding border control and families getting separated.

Curtis Jackson went to Instagram Wednesday (June 20) and served up a woke af comparison to America’s slavery past to the current immigration family crisis.

America’s great again 🇺🇸🤨Get the strap #power #lecheminduroi

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After massive outcries, President Donald Trump signed an executive order Wednesday (June 20) to keep families together.

President Donald Trump on Wednesday reversed his debunked argument that he had no authority to stop separations of undocumented immigrant families at the border, signing an executive order to keep parents and kids together. “We’re signing an executive order. I consider it to be a very important executive order. It’s about keeping families together, while at the same time being sure we have a very powerful, very strong border,” Trump said. Over the past 24 hours, social media has ignited with emotional messages about what’s happening. (CNN)

Celebrities have resorted to speaking out on the border control drama on their personal IG accounts.

The result of evil ways.

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I know that most of you only know me as Angela, and that even writing this feels grossly inadequate, but this has shaken me to my core. Not just because my mother came as an immigrant escaping oppression and stark poverty, but because this is A Human Right’s Violation. Regardless of what your stance is on border control, immigration, asylum seekers, the implementation of these cruel measures should, must turn your stomach. To everyone whose as sickened and enraged as I am by the enactment of this new policy to separate innocent children from their parents, I plead with you to make your voice heard. Protest. Call your Senators (202) 224-3121. Participate in any way that you are able! HOW we enforce our laws is as important as the laws themselves. Sadly throughout history we’ve had an awful track record. And Justifying this tactic because it’s an “effective deterrent” or “they Illegal” doesn’t cut it. Nothing excuses the inhumane treatment of children… of him of her of you of me. #keepfamiliestogether

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WHERE IS OUR HUMANITY?!😢😭I’m soo disgusted & broken-hearted this morning!As a mother, I can’t even fathom… my baby girl being ripped from my arms!😢😭#keepfamiliestogether #thisisamerica #trumpadministration #MassaMentality #brokenfamilies #brokenspirits #visciouscycle #SlaveryAnticsIn2018 #ImDone #Repost @traciethoms ・・・ I can’t find the words. So I’ll leave it to #rachelmaddow and @shaunking…. #Repost @shaunking ・・・ My God. The Trump administration has opened up three "tender age" detention centers in South Texas for babies that have been forcefully taken from their parents. A fourth infant detention center is about to be opened. This is Rachel Maddow as she gets the breaking news.

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This is Fu*king Disgusting!!! Swipe and take action NOW!!!!

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Over the past couple of months more than 2,000 children have been separated from their parents after entering the United States illegally.

Since early May, 2,342 children have been separated from their parents after crossing the Southern U.S. border, according to the Department of Homeland Security, as part of a new immigration strategy by the Trump administration that has prompted widespread outcry. (NPR)