New York rapper 50 Cent isn’t slowing down. The hip-hop star has continued to let loose digital savagery on Murder Inc. alumni Ashanti and Ja Rule.

Curtis Jackson lit up his Instagram page Friday (October 26) with a meme aimed at Ashanti and Rule’s concert ticket-selling ability.

Hours prior, 50 joked about what it might cost to get tickets to see Rule.

Yesterday, Rule’s former labelmate Ashanti responded to 50 trolling her over a nixed concert.

“Officer Curtis better cut it out. [laughs] I mean it’s obvious [the show was canceled because] it was a lack of promotion. The school put out a statement to clarify it was a lack of promotion and, you know, they shouldn’t have never did it. So, you know, no hard feelings. Thank-you so much – Curtis is definitely a bully.” (TMZ)

Last weekend, 50 Cent ripped Ashanti for having a show cancelled over ticket sales.