G-Unit head 50 Cent recently reflected on the controversy Young Money’s Drake sparked a few months ago when he took a public jab at rap mogul Jay Z‘s knack for art collecting.

Instead of choosing sides, Curtis Jackson downplayed the controversy Drizzy ignited.

“The Drake comment [from Rolling Stone] was his opinion about Jay and his art thing but that’s just one opinion. I’m personally not into collecting, but in the same way I’m not into skating, but Jay and Wayne rapping those things connects me to it, and it connects the culture. Rapping about your lifestyle…you gotta be real with your audience…and it allows the audience to grow with you. Like I’m at the X Games, I don’t know anything about skating but I’m seeing this shit like, wow Wayne would love this. He built a ramp at his house! I know he loves this shit, through the raps. So when it’s genuine, it’s cool.” (Complex)

Fif also suggested new trends and interests steer high-profile businessmen into making quick purchases.

“Art and fashion are similar, where you see a lot of things do well off of momentum. The same with a lot of ‘hit records’ from artists, songs that got big, they only got big off of momentum. I’ve seen questionable things in fashion that people ended up co-signing. I’ve seen some art pieces I thought were cool…some I thought were expensive splat. I’m looking at it like, I could do that! But then they sell because of the artist’s name, his reputation, all that. Some of these businessmen, honestly–they just need new things to spend their money on. But if I see something I like, then cool.” (Complex)

Jigga took direct aim at Drizzy and defended his knack for rhyming about high-profile art on a “We Made It” remix back in March.

Hov takes the opportunity to stunt on his haters with a killer verse. “Sorry Mr. Drizzy for so much art talk / Silly me rapping about sh*t that I really bought / While these rappers rap about guns they ain’t shot and a bunch of other silly sh*t that they ain’t got / I’m on my Lupita Nyong’o / Stuntin’ on stage after 12 Years a Slave,” he boasts. (Rap-Up)

Prior to Jay’s remark, Drake specifically called him out over his art references.

Drake is interested in art, but he scoffs at how trendy art shout-outs have become in rap. “It’s like Hov can’t drop bars these days without at least four art references!” he says. “I would love to collect at some point, but I think the whole rap/art world thing is getting kind of corny.” (Rolling Stone)