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50 Cent Reacts To Vivica A. Fox Exposing Their Sex Tales: “What The F**k!”

Written By Biz Jones

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New York rapper 50 Cent sounds like he’s a little worried about the world learning about his magic stick. The G-Unit boss has reacted to buzz about ex-girlfriend Vivica A. Fox announcing she’s going to tell-all about their past sex life.

Fif went to Instagram Monday (March 19) to share a less than welcoming reaction to Vivica’s decision to expose their past bedroom secrets in a new book.

In her upcoming Every Day, I’m Hustling book, Vivica credited herself for pushing 50 for s-e-x.

The 53-year-old “Empire” star says Fitty wooed her and they had amazing chemistry although he was more focused on his career than on sex. “Most of the time, I would be the one initiating sex, because I really enjoyed making love with him,” writes Fox, who also describes their sessions as PG-13 but “cherished and special.” (NY Daily News)

Within the must-read, Fox also claims 50 wanted to marry her.

Fox later found out that the rapper had been ready to propose to her during a trip to Monaco, where the pair was taking part in the World Music Awards in 2003. Fitty had planned to rent out a theater in Monte Carlo, show a print of “Kill Bill, Vol. 1” — in which she starred — and then propose at the end with a 14-carat diamond ring. He nixed it when he felt Fox had hogged the spotlight by signing as the show’s host. (New York Daily News)

Last year, Fox publicly revealed how much she loved 50 Cent during their short stint together.

“I walked right to him. It is so time for this to be over with, as far as beefing back and forth. I walked over to him and said, ’Happy New Year.’ He was with some guys, I don’t remember them – no fans, no cameras, no nothing. Someone has to be the bigger person. We sat, I gave him a hug, we talked for a few minutes and that was that. It was about five or so [minutes]. … I know you guys don’t know but I will always have love for him. As much as we’ve been through, I will always have love for him. He was literally like my true love and I hated that we had to – he was, you guys, and I hated to have to beef with him but I don’t let nobody mess with me, I ain’t no punk and y’all know that – we’re not meant to be together but I’ll always have love for him.” (“The Wendy Williams Show”)

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Written by Biz Jones

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