New York rapper 50 Cent knows how much hip-hop influences society. The rap veteran has reacted to popular MSNBC personality Ari Melber name-drop some Get Rich or Die Tryin’ lyrics in describing President Donald Trump.

Big Facts: Last night, Fif hit up his social media pages to share the must-see broadcast footage.

High-Key Details: The epic 50 Cent reference stems from the G-Unit boss’ now-classic “Heat” record.

Wait, There’s More: This week, President Tump’s legal team stepped up to address his publicized impeachment proceedings.

Almost all the major players on Capitol Hill have lamented that these are dangerous times in Washington. But if you want to know why — it depends who you ask.President Donald Trump’s lawyers gave their reasons on Tuesday, as they wrapped up their presentations on the Senate floor. Led by Jay Sekulow, a personal attorney to the President, they hammered home the point that Trump’s impeachment sets a dangerous precedent. “You’ve now heard from legal scholars from a variety of schools of thought, from a variety of political backgrounds, but they do have a common theme with a dire warning — danger, danger, danger,” Sekulow said, using a phrase that he repeated several times on the Senate floor. (CNN)

Before You Go: Last night, Trump hit up Twitter to share his thoughts on the legal drama and take a swipe at Democrats.