New York rapper 50 Cent is staying updated with what’s going on in Minneapolis. The hip-hop veteran has reacted to Mayor Jacob Frey getting blasted with boos and taunts by peaceful protesters over not agreeing to defund the police department responsible for the death of George Floyd.

50 x Minneapolis

This weekend, Fif hit up Instagram to share footage of Minneapolis Mayor Frey was booed. 50 even went as far as to predict Frey caught major emotions after the now-viral incident.

“That’s the Mayor, 😳Damn they did him dirty. I know he went home and cried like a baby. 😟🤦‍♂️#bransoncognac#lecheminduroi

Minneapolis Mayor Frey booed – 50 Cent reacts

High-Key Details

The footage reportedly comes from this past Saturday when Mayor Frey addressed Minneapolis protesters. People unloaded with emotions after he said he would not defund the city’s police force.

In videos widely shared on social media over the weekend, the Jewish mayor was asked directly at a protest in the city on Saturday whether he would commit to defunding the department. After Frey replied that he did not support “the full abolition” of the force, protesters shouted “shame” and “Jacob, go home” as Frey retreated from the demonstration. (TTOI)

Wait, There’s More

Despite the speculation, Mayor Frey did address his stance toward the police department. While he isn’t for abolishing cops, Frey did say he wanted to put serious effort into addressing the department’s inequality and brutality issues.

“If you’re asking whether I’m for massive structural reform to revise a structurally racist system the answer is ‘yes’. If you’re asking whether I will do everything possible to push back on the inherent inequities that are literally built into the architecture the answer is ‘yes’. If you’re asking whether I’m willing to do everything I possibly can throughout the rest of my term to make sure that the police union, the police contract, the arbitration system, and some of these policies that have resulted in problems for specifically Black and Brown people and murder over series of generations, I’m all for that. I’m not for abolishing the entire police department, I will be honest about that.” (CBS Local)

Before You Go

The incident comes just days after Minneapolis announced a huge change in its police policies. It announced an immediate end to law enforcement using chokeholds.

The City Council held an emergency meeting on Friday and unanimously passed the new rules. The agreement still needs to be approved by a judge. “George Floyd’s service yesterday underscored that justice for George requires more than accountability for the man who killed him — it requires accountability from elected leadership to deep, structural reforms,” Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said in a press release following the vote. (NBC News)