New York rapper 50 Cent might come to the rescue for the self-proclaimed King of the Big Apple. The hip-hop superstar has reacted to “Get The Strap” collaborator Tekashi 6ix9ine getting arrested by federal agents.

Fif went to Instagram Monday (November 19) with his thoughts and hinted at his intent to send over attorneys to review Tek’s situation.

A few hours ago, Tek’s deejay PVNCH updated fans on the situation and asked media outlets to wait for the facts.

“Yes 6ix9ine, yes Shotty, yes Crippie got arrested. We know that. Unless you’re the FBI, you don’t know why the f*ck they got arrested either. So I’m just confused how so many blogs got so much information. Let’s just ease up. I know that some of y’all n*ggas hate these n*ggas and I get it and all of that but let’s just remember they’re human. They have families and they have kids. Until you figure out the details, let’s not talk about it. I know this is a blog’s dream, 6ix9ine and Tr3ywawy’s in jail. Let’s post about it 80 million times and we [a billion] views. I know that sh*t and I get it. But let’s just be human for a moment. Most street n*ggas I know wouldn’t even wish jail on their worst enemy. Let’s just remember that. And when it comes to this firing sh*t, yes it did happen – did I get fired? No I did not. A rapper and a deejay figured out if we stay quiet, we gonna troll ’em. The album’s coming out. Let’s just keep that quiet for a moment and watch it all unfold. That’s number one. Number two, for the people that actually think that somehow the firing and the investigation with the jail, all this is connected. Y’all are bugged the f*ck out. Y’all n*ggas been working for the FBI way too long. Y’all n*ggas connections getting way too spicy. Shut the f*ck up. Y’all don’t know what the f*ck is going on. Just pray for these n*ggas that they come out of jail just for their families’ sake. At the end of the day, shut the f*ck up until you learn something.”

Tek’s arrest has sparked mixed reactions from his “Get The Strap” collaborator Casanova 2x and vixen Blac Chyna.

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Early Monday, buzz developed about the seriousness of 6ix9ine’s bust.