G-Unit head 50 Cent has released the cover art to his crew’s upcoming The Beast Is G-Unit EP.

Fif relied on his Instagram page to unleash the must-see artwork.


Une photo publiée par 50 Cent (@50cent) le

Check out what G-Unit recently said about reuniting last summer right here…

Group member Tony Yayo talked about reuniting with the entire Unit last year.

“I think the best part is going to be flying the world. I think money comes and goes. Jewelry comes and goes. Friends come and go. I think traveling the world is the best thing and seeing other people relate that energy. When we are in Brazil. When we are in Africa. Angola. When we are in Germany. Russia. Any part of the world. They can never take that away from me. I flew the world.” (XXL Mag)

Lloyd Banks recently cited a lack of communication for putting distance between himself and Unit head 50 Cent.

“Me and 50 wasn’t talking for a while,” Banks said in an interview. “It was a lack of communication on both our parts. I don’t know what to chalk it up to. We been doing this for a long time. Over ten years. Went from being in a condo just planning over what we wanted to happen and to watch it play out…It wasn’t just me and 50. It was points me and Buck didn’t talk.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Although the Unit had fallen apart in recent years, reunited member Young Buck recently promised his band of brothers were built to win.

“Don’t look for the downfall of G-Unit,” the rapper said. “Cause you’ll be looking for a long God damn time. You understand? But looking for the success of G-Unit you’ll get what you want to see real quick. But looking for the downfall homie you gon’ be stuck…Don’t pray on our downfall or look for it. Look for the success. Look for the good music. Look for the positive energy. And that’s what you gon’ get. Because even if you ain’t looking for it that’s what you gon’ get.” (This Is 50)