New York rapper 50 Cent isn’t delivering any smoke to the queen of gossip. The hip-hop veteran has vowed to fall back on trolling his media rival Wendy Williams amid recent marriage rumors.

Fif went to Instagram with a reference to Wendy and vowed to only focus on positive vibes.

This week, reports emerged about Wendy’s husband allegedly becoming a father to a mistress’ baby.

As Page Six previously reported, Kevin Hunter’s alleged mistress, Sharina Hudson, welcomed a baby on Monday while Williams remains in a sober living facility to treat her addiction issues. There is widespread speculation that Hunter, who has been married to Williams since 1997, is the child’s father. On Monday afternoon, Williams was found drunk and treated with IV fluids. (Page Six)

Earlier in the week, reports surfaced about Wendy having a run-in with law enforcement.

Wendy Williams was pulled over on Tuesday following her hospitalization and reported alcohol relapse. Williams’ car was pulled over by police on Tuesday in New York City. In photos published by The Daily Mail, the TV host can be seen in the back seat of a truck on the passenger side, rolling down the tinted window to speak to officers outside. Williams looked frightened, and held a cell phone to one ear. (Pop Culture Celebrity)

Recently, Wendy came clean on battling addiction amid widespread rumors circulating about her health condition.

Last week, she revealed she was living with “a bunch of smelly boys who have become my family” in a sober house. Hunter’s alleged mistress is believed to have given birth in Philadelphia. The couple was sharing a home in New Jersey, before Hudson moved into an apartment in New York. (Fox News)