New York rapper 50 Cent‘s going to try his best “not” to talk about the biggest hip-hop mogul in the world. The G-Unit boss has vowed to fall back on firing shots toward Diddy.

Fif went to Instagram Wednesday (January 10) with a clip of himself getting grilled for frequently name-dropping Puff Daddy on social media.

Yesterday, 50 Cent addressed his problems with Puff Daddy and why he couldn’t get down with him.

“I don’t call him gay – when he says things, he doesn’t even know what he’s saying is like, fruity. He says to Fabolous, ‘Me and you, we need to party.’ What is you talking about? When people say that to me I get a little uncomfortable. [Diddy] said something to me a long time ago, at Chris Lighty’s wedding. He told me he’d take me shopping. I looked at him like, ‘What’d you just say? Let me move, man, before I do something. You gon’ make me mess up the wedding.’ No, [Angela Yee,] that’s something a guy says to a girl.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Last year, 50 went to Instagram to poke fun at the Bad Boy CEO.

In July, 50 hilariously went at Puff Daddy with a clip of him dancing in underwear.

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