New York rapper 50 Cent is out here putting some respect on the 90’s. The hip-hop stud has saluted “In Living Color” for skyrocketing actress/singer Jennifer “J. Lo” Lopez‘s career.

In Fif’s opinion, J. Lo’s dancing days on the sketch comedy show ultimately put her on the map.

“They found J. Lo’s booty. They found J. Lo’s booty on ‘In Living Color.’ She was a Fly Girl long before any of the acting – look, the dance moves were horrible but she was great. You talking about Jennifer Lopez, fool.”

This weekend, 50 Cent shared a clip of his mini-me Sire Jackson and saluted his ex-girlfriend Daphne Joy for raising him right.

In early September, 50 Cent playfully called out people drooling over Daphne.

Last month, 50 tossed up some moments from Sire’s birthday party.

A little water gun action, lol

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