G-Unit head 50 Cent recently gave fans a glimpse at what personal goodies he needs on the road, specifically, what’s the most important edible item on his tour rider.

According to Fif, he has simple needs when it’s time to tour the world.

“I always have to have non-salted cashew nuts and water. I don’t need a lot. Some people set up their rider with loads of different food and stuff and then they don’t actually use any of it. You don’t really need anything but necessities unless you’re going to be entertaining your friends or family.” (GQ)

Back in February, 50’s close pal Eminem’s tour rider made its rounds online.

The 41-year-old singer from the US city of Detroit, who once nearly died of a drug overdose, now has a squeaky-clean and booze-free backstage rider. However, the razor-tongued musician, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, refuses to compromise on the quality of his pickles. Eminem advises concert promoters that only pickles by the premier German brand Gundelsheim will suffice in his backstage dressing rooms. Other items required by the rapper include low-fat yoghurt, peanut butter, jumbo shrimps and Swiss mild cheddar cheese. He also insists on dumbbells backstage. (Channel 24)

A detailed list of rap star Nicki Minaj‘s rider, or list of demands, hit the Internet in winter 2012.

The “Check It Out” rapper’s backstage demands have been revealed and it seems the musician is happy to live up to her diva reputation. As well as the chicken – which she specifies must have “no thighs” and “lots of wings” – Nicki also asks for two dozen pink or white roses, two space heaters, one gallon of Simply Lemonade, 12 cans of Red Bull and scented candles. Food is apparently very important to the 29-year-old star and her crew as she requests different items for throughout the day, including scrambled egg whites, turkey bacon, toast, Belgian waffles, strawberries, assorted juices and a large fruit platter for breakfast and a deli tray with turkey breast meat, grilled chicken breast, whole Wheat bread or rolls, yellow mustard and other condiments (seasoned salt, hot sauce) and a large fruit platter with side of mango and one large cheese platter for after the concert. (The Province)

A few years ago, rap mogul Jay-Z‘s rider showed he liked to ball with gourmet and alcohol products.

The chart-topping performer did not get every perk requested in his concert rider, since the school does not provide artists with alcohol, tobacco, or $400,000 luxury vehicles. Jay-Z demands that promoters provide him with ground transportation while he is in town performing. Specifically, the rap star requires a late-model black Maybach (either the 57 or 62 model) with tinted windows. Carter’s dressing room must be stocked with Sapporo beer, vodka, tequila, and two bottles of $300 Champagne and two bottles (at $200 apiece) of 2004 Sassicaia, which his rider helpfully describes as a “Red, Italian Wine from Bolgheri Region.” Additionally, Carter requires “Good Quality” peanut butter and jelly, one martini shaker, 12 shot glasses, and a pack of Marlboro Lights. A marked-up copy of the Jay-Z rider, provided by the University of Arizona, includes the school’s deletion of items it declined to provide the rapper. (The Smoking Gun)