50 Cent has responded to Rick Ross‘ “48 hour” deadline by promising a career ending strategy aiming to discredit the rapper’s image and launching a cartoon lampooning Ross’s former career as a Corrections Officer.

Fif has recently launched an anti-Ross cartoon series titled “Officer Ricky.”

“D*mn, Rick, why you got me up in this motherf*cker man,” an animated prisoner says to corrections officer Rick Ross. “Is it because I said you and your mama look like the Klumps…Or is it because I said your baby’s mama is a call girl? But Brooke is a call girl god d*mnit…You wouldn’t have did this if you were still on Slip-N-Slide, Khaled told you to do this to me? I’mma get that motherf*cker. You think you lost your shoe deal because of me? It’s ’cause you a cop, Rick! Nobody likes the f*cking cops, Rick!” (Nah Right)

This latest move comes after the G-Unit leader revealed his new plans regarding the Miami rapper.

“There’s nobody in control of me, I do what I want, so I’m deciding to f*ck your life up,” 50 said regarding Ross. “I can already see from here…this n*gga’s a total fraud…but I paid for the transcripts to your court case…now I know you, and there’s so much new information about you, I think it’s fair to say I know you now, and everybody else will know you real soon. They’ll get a chance to see some interesing sh*t. I know your name was Teflon. I know you were sleeping on Greg Street‘s couch trying to get a deal at Suave House. I just know you’re a bum.” (This Is 50)

Ross responded to 50’s diss track “Try Me” last Friday (January 30).

“I heard that, I was positive that couldn’t be the response,” Ross told Shade 45‘s Angela Yee. “Say he’s f*cking joking…we all gonna act like we ain’t hear that garbage. We gonna give you another 48 hours. Take your time. Go back in the lab and come up with something else.” (Shade 45)

Tensions initially grew after Ross referenced Fif in his name dropping “Mafia Music” record.

“I’m stepping on your crew ’til the motherf*ckers crunch,” Ross rapped, “And making sweet love to every woman that you lust / I love to pay your bills, can’t wait to pay your rent / Curtis Jackson baby mama ain’t looking for a cent / Burn the house down, gotta buy another / Don’t forget the gas can, jealous motherf*cker…”

Check out the video below:

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