New York rapper 50 Cent and Jim Jones are far from done with their hilarious feuding. The duo have continued to flame each other with a series of epic disses.

Over the past few hours, Fif and Jimmy have trolled each other with endless Instagram smoke.

Last night, 50 went to his IG page and trolled Jimmy over a shirtless vacation pic.

Earlier this month, Jim Jones addressed his back and forth playful 50 e-beefing.

“I don’t even know what’s up,” Jimmy said when asked about the 50 trolling feud. “Nah, it’s not serious. Me and 50 always had a bit of an awkward competition. I know he’s a very successful person within this industry and accolades but when it comes to being a real person, you dig, it’s always been an awkward competition between the circles that we’re all close to. N*ggas in the street, n*ggas in the industry. We always had that awkward bond. This is more of what we do. But I spoke to him later on FaceTime and I asked him how the hell he got my family line laughing like, ‘You know we know the same people.’ How’d the f*ck you get this number? But nah, we talked and told him we should probably do as show or something for fitness week and make a few dollars off that sh*t. He was like, ‘Figure that out.’ … 50’s one of those dudes that as soon as you wanna be like, ‘I hate this n*gga,’ he does some sh*t like make ‘Power’ and you’re like, ‘Ah, f*cking guy’s a genius.’ You know what I mean? … We both Cancers. I think we both think alike. … That’s why you gotta be able to go too far with him. It never works because we both don’t got time to go that far because we’re both gonna go the furthest. You take one step, I’m gonna take one step. You take two steps, I’m gonna take two and a half steps. … We just always laugh it off. I trolled him. Those were some little a** weights he had though. Rep it out. Give me 3,000 reps with that little sh*t you had, Fif. [laughs] He went wild. He went crazy. When I looked at the ‘net, I was confused. I was like, ‘He’s smart. He didn’t mention my son’s name or nothing.’ He said, ‘You working out with the kids. You know who kid that is n*gga.’ He walked the fine line that’s why I hit his a** with that last picture. Wasted Talent for merch. I killed him with that picture. He went back into my comments and said, ‘F*ck you Jim!’ [laughs] I killed him real quick. I had to go off on a good note. He almost had me.” (“The Angie Martinez Show”)