The leader of G-Unit has something to laugh about. Rap star 50 Cent went online this week to poke fun at his past New York Police Department rival for allegedly getting a demotion.

Big Facts

On Wednesday, 50 Cent went to Instagram and didn’t hold back on his shade. In a new IG post, Fif joked about officer Emanuel Gonzalez being removed from a major position of power.

High-Key Details

In March 2019, 50 Cent went online to troll Gonzalez. The shade came after reports emerged suggesting Em became a victim in his 50 clash.

Wait, There’s More

A few days prior, 50 went to IG to address his name getting dragged at a press conference.

Before You Go

Last year, 50 hit up social media to get at Gonzalez with more trolling. Fif also shared footage suggesting Emanuel did put a hit out on him.