G-Unit leader 50 Cent has reportedly become the victim of a credit card fraud case involving the illegal usage of his American Express account.

Arrests have already been made on two suspects from Connecticut.

Rapper 50 Cent has been targeted by credit card fraudsters who have allegedly attempted to make unauthorized purchases using his account. Two men were arrested in West Hartford, Connecticut over allegations they tried to buy two $1,000 flatscreen TVs from a local electronics store last year using the hip-hop star’s American Express number. The pair were detained by cops after the store owner became suspicious and called the credit card company. (Contact Music)

Additional credit card fraud cases involving 50 have also been reported.

Our source says thieves have tried to use Amex numbers belonging to Jackson to make unauthorized purchases in at least five cities since 2007, including Farmington and Hartford in Connecticut, as well as in New York. The root of Fitty’s problem may be someone who has access to his personal information, adds the source. (New York Daily News)

Last December, two men were arrested for breaking into 50’s home.

According to the police report that was made, one of the burglars, Alexander Hernandez, was discovered, “hiding in a closet, drinking a bottle of wine he had stolen from the residence.” The second suspect, Santos Padilla, was found hiding in a different section of the house. Both Hernandez and Padilla were released on a $50,000 bond each. Hernandez was released to the cops, where he has outstanding warrants that he is wanted for. (MWZA News)

One of the men was later charged with attempted murder.

Hernandez was wanted by New Britain police in connection with a double shooting that injured two men at a Main Street, New Britain multi-family house in October. He was turned over to New Britain police to face a warrant for attempted murder and first-degree assault after he was charged by Farmington police with burglary and criminal trespass. (My Record Journal)

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