New York rapper 50 Cent is all about his daddy duties. The hip-hop heavyweight has reminded fans he always puts his family goals first.

50 x Sire

On Wednesday, Curtis Jackson shared a few heartfelt moments alongside Sire. Fif unloaded a batch of pics showing just himself and his mini-me.

Daddy Gang

On Monday, Curtis Jackson went to Instagram with a must-like shot. The pic featured Fifty rocking a shirt featuring late rapper Pop Smoke with Sire on his shoulders.

“Big 50, Little 50 you know the Vibes.🤨SireSprits get the app.” -50 Cent’s Instagram

50 Cent and son Sire

Wait, There’s More

Back in April 2020, 50 talked about spending Easter with his son. He also shared a pic of himself showing off his food prep skills with Sire.

“Happy Easter enjoy your day God bless. #abcforlife #STARZ #BMF” -50 Cent’s Twitter

“Happy Easter enjoy your day God bless. #abcforlife #STARZ #BMF

50 Cent spend Easter with his son Sire

“This guy is so much fun 😆he be saying some shit. he told me he saw my show ForLife i asked if he liked it,he said it was cool but if you practice you could do better. 😆#abcforlife#Starz #BMF

Before You Go

Last Christmas, 50 Cent shared a sneak peek at how they turned up together. Fif released a shot of Sire Jackson surrounded by tons of presents.