New York rapper 50 Cent might never have any chill for Jimmy Henchman. Curtis Jackson has unloaded on his jailed music foe nemesis with some savagery.

Fif went to Instagram Thursday (January 25) with a newspaper article exposing James Rosemond as a snitch.

😬 📸 #50Cent REALLY doesn’t like #JimmyHenchman

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Back in November, 50 used a 2Pac meme to clown music foe Diddy over his Jimmy Henchman association.

Damn 📸 #50Cent Still going in on #JimmyHenchman

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The same week, a judge found Henchman guilty of hiring a hitman to take out a 50 affiliate.

​Just after 8 p.m. Tuesday, a Manhattan federal jury convicted Rosemond, who once repped stars like S​​ean Kingston and Mike Tyson, on four counts of murder-for-hire, each of which carries a life sentence. Rosemond, the founder of talent management company Czar ​E​ntertainment, was already serving two life sentences tied to separate drug and gun convictions, so a not guilty verdict would not have freed him from life in prison. (New York Post)

Hours prior, 50 Cent jumped on Instagram to blast Henchman over the guilty verdict.

[email protected]! 📸 #50Cent is really THAT savage! #JimmyHenchman

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