New York rapper 50 Cent is showing some cold hard facts. The hip-hop veteran and “Power” executive producer went online to share crush statistics about the real people winning in Hollywood exposing its lack of diversity.

50 x Hollywood

Last night, Fifty went to Instagram and didn’t hold back. The rapper-turned-actor revealed details about how white men ultimately get the biggest cut in the movie and television industry.

“ok now there it is show biz, now you can see why STARZ is so important leading in diversity 🎥 get the app #bransoncognac#lecheminduroi” -50 Cent’s Instagram

50 Cent shared this post highlighting the lack of diversity in Hollywood

High-Key Details

Last Saturday, Curtis Jackson went to his Instagram page with a pic of his son chilling in a car on his iPad. Earlier the same week, Fif released a shot of Sire Jackson doing some house chores.

“young King SIRE on the move, you know the vibes. #HHHS” -50 Cent’s Instagram

“King SIRE, yep he gotta do some chores. he be like wait 🤔you sure my dad said i have to do this? #bransoncognac#lecheminduroi#HHHS” -50 Cent’s Instagram

Sire Jackson’s house chores

Wait, There’s More

In early June 2020, Fifty shared a few heartfelt moments alongside Sire. Fif unloaded a batch of pics showing just himself and his mini-me.

Before You Go

Days prior, the rap veteran went to Instagram with a must-like shot. The pic featured Fifty rocking a shirt featuring late rapper Pop Smoke with Sire on his shoulders.

“Big 50, Little 50 you know the Vibes.🤨SireSprits get the app.” -50 Cent’s Instagram

50 Cent and son Sire