New York rapper 50 Cent wants people to know he has a grip of street tales turned into big Hollywood productions. The hip-hop veteran went online this week to single out longtime rap foe Irv Gotti for his intent to put out a new TV series based on former drug kingpin Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff.

On Tuesday, Curtis Jackson lit up his Instagram page going in-in on Gotti’s Murder Inc. for trying to secure Jamie Foxx to star in the movie.

Recently, buzz developed about Gotti and protégé Ja Rule putting together the Supreme flick.

A few weeks ago, Christ Gotti was guest on iHeart Radio to open up on his recent ventures, including breaking news that a movie centered around the Supreme Team crew is in the works. Gotti, who’s producing the biopic, has already got Jamie Foxx on board to play Kenneth ‘Supreme’ McGriff, who we’re assuming will be offering his input as well. Currently, Supreme is serving life in prison, without the possibility for parole on alleged murder-for-hire and drug trafficking activities. (OnSmash)

Last year, tensions rose after 50 Cent’s kid Marquise posed alongside Supreme’s son.

As for the hate for the other guy in the photo … it presumably comes from 50 Cent’s longstanding beef with his father, Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff. The 2 are archenemies, and Griff — a former Ja Rule and Irv Gotti associate — allegedly once plotted to kill 50. Supreme is currently serving a life sentence for murder conspiracy and drug trafficking. (TMZ)

In 2017, Marquise updated fans on where things stood between himself and the G-Unit boss.

“I had a relationship with him growing up but I can’t pinpoint when things started going sour but it was something over time where a certain event occurred and it was an unhealthy bond,” Marquise told host Scott Bejda. “I haven’t spoken to him. The most contact we usually have is through Instagram. He didn’t make it to my graduation for what reason you would have to interview him and ask him that.” (“Murder Master Music Show”)