Continuing to mock Rick Ross as an animated celebrity-arresting police officer, 50 Cent has released “Officer Ricky: Welcome to Death Row” showing the Miami rapper placing T.I. and Suge Knight behind bars.

The latest installment focuses on Ross preparing for Tip’s year-long prison bid and Knight after being beaten up at last week’s All-Star festivities in Arizona.

“Saturday Cartoons Presents ‘Officer Ricky: Welcome to Death Row,’ the episode’s description reads. “His fourth episode of Officer Ricky at his best once again as he arrests the one that he previously looked up to: Ex-CEO of Death Row, Suge Knight featuring Akon, Suge Knight, DJ Khaled, T.I.” (This Is 50)

Along with cartoons, Fif has also used Ross’ anti-50 nickname “Curly” and created another series of clips called, “Pimpin’ Curly.”

A day in the life of Pimpin’ Curly. Meet his brother Earl and his stable of women as he moves around the city getting his money right. “I’m concerned about you, you know, I talked to mom, mom’s worried sick about you.” Earl tells Curly in the episode’s intro. “Mom tells me you tell her there’s only two kinds of people in this world, pimps and h*es. Violence isn’t the answer to everything. You better stop it, I’m not scared of you.” (You Tube)

He has also recruited G-Unit members Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo to record diss songs and the music video “I’ll Be The Shooter (Officer Ricky’s Done)” dissng Ross.

“I’ll never stop/I’m laying at your mama’s spot,” 50 raps, “Squeeze ’til the lama’s hot/And have your a** in trauma ock/I cause havoc, you come in my vicinity/Motherf*ck the police, Officer Ricky, enemy.” “I sleep with my gat, it’s us three against the industry, let’s keep it at that,” Banks raps, “N*ggas yappin’ about who dress the best…Your shady background/You’re probably with the cops/You ain’t street, you need to stop.” “‘Maybach Music,'” Yayo says, “Y’all n*ggas want trouble/I’ll run up on that CO and stab his a** in the bubble.” (Google Video)

However, Ross has turned the tables on the South Side, Queens rap group by teaming with former G-Unit associate Bang Em Smurf.

“N*gga you doing radio interviews, they don’t wanna listen to you, they wanna hear you talk about me,” Ross says in an untitled diss track. “Bang Em Smurf. Queens. Forever. I appreciate the hospitality. Ricky Ross. I’m buying a loft there now. I’m building a studio there now…You haven’t dropped a hit yet. You probably with [Dr.] Dre in the studio, booked up, busy. Anybody wanna get involved, you’re more than welcomed…I wanna see the gorillas. I wanna meet ’em…Put your hit out on me, I’m ready.” (WSHH)

Check out 50’s “Officer Ricky: Welcome to Death Row” video below:

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