G-Unit head 50 Cent is making sure the entire world knows he feels no sympathy for incarcerated music executive James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond by once again attacking him over social media.

Fif released a video taunting the jailed G-Unit rival onto his Instagram early Saturday (February 22).

“I’m up watch the jimmy henchmen trial MOVIE. Lol he did a a good job in this one. LMAO,” Fif wrote as a caption to his video. “What’s up, I’m up. 6:30 in the morning, getting my hair cut, watching a movie. Check this sh*t out, the Henchman trial. No Jimmy, you rat b*stard!’ [laughs]” (50 Cent’s Instagram)

Last weekend, 50 jumped onto his Instagram page and likened Rosemond to a fictional character off 1998’s Belly flick.

“LMAO THIS BOY SOLVED EVERY CRIME IN NEW YORK. Old gangsta jimmy,go a head tell some more sh*t killer. Lol,” Fif tweeted on February 15. (50 Cent’s Instagram)

During a murder trial earlier this month in New York, a criminal witness revealed rap mogul Diddy’s interest in bringing peace to G-Unit and Rosemond’s camps.

The beef that allegedly led to the execution of a 50 Cent rap crew associate in 2009 involved a sit-down with P. Diddy, a drive-by shooting and an order to injure hip hop industry titan Chris Lighty, a witness said Wednesday in the murder-for-hire trial of music mogul and drug lord James (Jimmy Henchman) Rosemond. Khalil Abdullah, 40, said the years-long feud between Rosemond, of Czar Entertainment, and G-Unit, a clique that includes rapper 50 Cent and was managed by Lighty, hit a rough patch in 2006 after an argument before an awards show at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. (New York Daily News)

Despite Puff’s attempt, things did not turn out smoothly for Rosemond and Lighty.

P. Diddy, the rapper and producer once known as Puff Daddy, called a peace conference between Rosemond and Lighty, Abdullah said. But it didn’t go well. “Chris ended up mushing [Rosemond] in the face,” he said. “Puff jumped in between them and broke it up.” Rosemond told Abdullah to have Lighty shot in the leg, but the witness didn’t follow through on the order, he said in Manhattan Federal Court. In 2009, Rosemond hired Brian “Slim” McLeod and another goon to lure G-Unit hanger-on Lowell Fletcher to the Bronx and kill him, Abdullah said, citing a conversation he had with Rosemond a day or two later. (New York Daily News)

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