G-Unit leader 50 Cent has confirmed recent reports that he is removing some of his tattoos to help with his movie career.

According to Fif, he will still maintain his iconic “50 Cent” back tattoo.

“It cuts down on the amount of time I have to spend in makeup covering them up,” 50 Cent says about his decision, which he calls “an ongoing process.” Still, don’t expect him to rid himself of all the ink. His arms may be tattoo free, but 50’s vowed to keep a tattoo on his back. (People)

Reports on the rapper’s unexpected decision circulated online last month.

50 Cent is making moves to further his career in the film industry. The rapper is making a serious transition into acting, and has committed to removing some of his tattoos for an upcoming role in the film Things Fall Apart, which he co-wrote and produced. In addition Fif will lose 50 pounds for the on-screen feature. (Hip Hop Honey)

An inside source previously confirmed the reports.<,/p>

A source said, “He’s on tour in Europe and has already started losing the weight and is excited to begin production in May. He’s also having tattoos removed from his right arm, which will save him time in the makeup chair.” He still bears two tattoos on his back — “50 Cent” and “Southside.” (New York Post)

Last year, the Unit’s Lloyd Banks said 50 was in the process of removing his body art.

Lloyd Banks confirmed 50’s tattoo removal by saying: “I tell you one thing, that sh*t hurts more than getting a tattoo so I won’t be removing none of mine. But 50 started taking some of them off. If you look at his arms now you’re going to see it.” (The Insider)

Check out past 50 Cent footage below: