New York rapper 50 Cent isn’t losing any sleep over his longtime protégé. The rap veteran has reacted to drama surrounding Lloyd Banks about possibly hanging up the mic for good.

Fif went to Instagram Friday (March 16) and clowned Banks about hinting at retirement.

After mounted speculation, Lloyd went to Instagram to shut down the retirement buzz.

Earlier in the day, Lloyd hinted at possible plans to fall back from the hip-hop scene.

Last month, hip-hop producer AraabMuzik talked about how he learns when Banks raps on his instrumentals.

“[Lloyd Banks] always uses my beats. [Lloyd] always goes on YouTube. [Lloyd Banks] won’t have to do that anymore with License Lounge. We can send him a direct link and he can get all the AraabMuzik beats he wants. I don’t produce anything for [Lloyd Banks] directly, Banks just takes it and raps on it and puts it out. Then someone will at me on social media and I’ll know it’s out. There goes another freestyle to a beat I put out eighty years ago. Music is timeless. I’ve always been ahead of my time.” (Billboard)