G-Unit leader 50 Cent has taken his issues with Diddy overseas by dissing the rap mogul during a Brazil performance this past weekend.

Leading into his “B*tch” performance, 50 mocked Diddy’s “Hello, Good Morning” single before name-checking him in Rio de Janeiro.

“Hello, good morning, you like that sh*t,” Fif asked a crowd of screaming fans. “Well the next time you see Puffy, tell him I said ‘N*gga don’t act like a b*tch.’ He say he love her man, he really think he love her man/She a super freak, freakier than he understand/She not the type of girl that you take home to your mother/She’s the type you take to the track to come up on a sucker…” (The Brazil Show)

Earlier this month, 50 helped launch an anti-Diddy viral campaign through his Boo Boo TV website and via Twitter re-tweets.

“Enough is enough, Biggie‘s name should never have become Diddy’s Black Card. Just check out his latest video, “The Ghost of Christopher Wallace” Let Diddy know to let B.I.G. rest in peace. When was the last time Diddy really was “biggin up his brother,” not biggin up his bank?” (Twitition)

Diddy caught heads when he subliminally called out 50 Cent during a post BET Awards 10 broadcast.

“I love my people, eh yo let’s stop the hate man,” Puff said during the BET Awards 10 afterparty. “Congratulate. Hate is for suckers and if you hating, you’re a sucker and you’re ashy and your breath stinks. And you know who I’m talking to you hatin’ a** crab.” (BET Awards 10 Afterparty)

50 later responded to the speculated diss and aired out his opinion of Diddy as of late.

“Diddy, well, the thing about it is, Puffy’s like a b*tch,” 50 said when asked if Diddy was subliminally dissing him. “To describe Puffy in one word is a ‘b*tch.’ Right? Puffy wants to be the hot b*tch in the group. You know how you see a hot b*tch — I know it sounds kinda harsh but I’ll explain my statement. You know how an ugly b*tch always has pretty friends? That’s how he’s built his group. He wants to be the hot b*tch in the group. He wants to make sure he gets all the attention. He wants to make sure the n*ggas wanna holla at him. And you know, it’s the reality of the situation, man. He’ll tell you what happened himself down in Miami. It’s not even open season on Diddy, I don’t know who he was talking about, he didn’t say my name. But that’s the way I feel about him…This is the final notice, the final note because they’ll suck the life outta him like everybody else he’s been around…On the up and up, the n*gga Puff used to call, we used to kick it on the telephone sh*t after the Mase sh*t.” (“G-Unit Radio”)

Check out 50 Cent calling out Diddy in Brazil below: