New York rapper 50 Cent has plenty of smoke for Tyrese and doesn’t care too much about how you feel about it. The hip-hop veteran has defended going off on the troubled R&B singer.

A screenshot has surfaced of Fif responding to Instagram users getting at him for the e-beefing.

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Earlier in the day, 50 Cent went directly at Tyrese for his latest publicized blunder.

This week, comedian Michael Blackson ripped Tyrese for lying about a $5 million celebrity loan.

“Tyrese, what the f**k is going on?! What the f**k is going on Tyrese?! Explain this s**t to the dark-skinned committee right now! I was so close to bringing you back in and un-trading you and taking them light-skinned n*ggas back and bringing you back to the dark side. But then we heard rumors that Will Smith didn’t give you any money! Whhhhhhhhy?! If the money’s there, we need 25 percent, you have to pay for your darkness. If the money’s not there, why are you making sh*t up? You have set us back 300 years, Tyrese. I am a slave all over again because of you! Why are you broke, Tyrese? You have a f*cking restaurant and a f*cking club in your house. I’ve been there. Close the clllluuubbbbb! Call me right now and let’s talk about this.”

Earlier in the week, 50 Cent blasted Tyrese for lying about his loan.

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