New York rapper 50 Cent isn’t quite ready to turn the page on his feelings towards estranged son Marquise Jackson. The G-Unit boss has stepped forward to explain why fans shouldn’t expect any fatherly interactions in the near future.

Fif went to Instagram Friday (November 30) night to pretty much finger ex-girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins and Marquise for wasting away his financial support.

Over the past few hours, 50 has stirred up social media by shading his mini-me with savage comments.


The tensions ultimately stem from Marquise posing alongside 50’s longtime rap foe Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff‘s son.

As for the hate for the other guy in the photo … it presumably comes from 50 Cent’s longstanding beef with his father, Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff. The 2 are archenemies, and Griff — a former Ja Rule and Irv Gotti associate — allegedly once plotted to kill 50. Supreme is currently serving a life sentence for murder conspiracy and drug trafficking. (TMZ)

Last year, Marquise updated fans on where things stood between himself and the G-Unit boss.

“I had a relationship with him growing up but I can’t pinpoint when things started going sour but it was something over time where a certain event occurred and it was an unhealthy bond,” Marquise told host Scott Bejda. “I haven’t spoken to him. The most contact we usually have is through Instagram. He didn’t make it to my graduation for what reason you would have to interview him and ask him that.” (“Murder Master Music Show”)