New York rapper 50 Cent doesn’t think JAY-Z‘s playing fair. The hip-hop veteran has weighed-in on one-time foe Nas having to compete with JAY-Z and Beyoncé on the sales chart.

Footage has surfaced of Fif suggesting JAY intentionally put out his joint Everything Is Love album last month to spoil Nas’ NASIR release.

“That was f*cked up what they did to Nas. That was f*cked up. I know what you did to Nas, JAY. That’s f*cked up, n*gga. Nah, he come out on the same weekend. This n*gga still slapping him without everybody noticing what’s going on. Not everybody knows what’s going on. But that was still like, ‘Oh, when is your sh*t coming out? My sh*t coming out.’ I ain’t heard not one of those records on the radio. [laughs] Why the f*ck you do that, man? I be saying, ‘F*ck that, I do whatever the f*ck I do,’ and they be looking at me like I’m grimey for doing that. This n*ggabe super quiet doing some real grimey sh*t. Looking to see if anybody noticed the grimey sh*t. He just has a different way of doing things.”

Last month, reports surfaced about how Nas might have felt about competing with JAY and his wife Beyoncé.

Sources close to Nas tell us the Queensbridge rapper isn’t fuming about “Everything Is Love” being released on Saturday, and doesn’t think the Carters will steal any thunder from his new album, “Nasir.” We’re told Nas fully appreciates the fact Jay and Bey are hip-hop royalty at this point, and actually really likes their new record. (TMZ)

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The same week, Top Dawg Entertainment’s Jay Rock said he felt proud putting out his new Redemption album the same week as Nas and The Carters.

“Nah, not at all,” Rock said when asked if he was upset about having to compete with the music veterans and their new releases. “Shout-out to them. The way I look at it is it puts me up there with the greats. It feels good. I’ve always been a fan of Nas. Shout-out to him. It’s a beautiful thing just to be mentioned amongst those people.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

The Internet made sure to troll Nas over having to compete with JAY-Z and Beyoncé’s new release.