New York rapper 50 Cent just isn’t playing nice. The hip-hop veteran has fired off a body shaming joke aimed at rap executive Big Fendi.

Fif went to Instagram Sunday (September 9) to troll Fendi on his physical appearance.

Fendi is most known for managing a slew of New York rappers including Nicki Minaj.

In a twist of irony, Fendi is credited with discovering Nicki Minaj after hearing music she posted on MySpace. After signing Minaj to his Dirty Money Records, the story goes that it was Fendi that brought Minaj to the attention of Lil Wayne and Young Money. On the now infamous The Come Up DVD that Lil Wayne spotted Minaj on, it was Fendi who was sitting next to her on the stairs. (MTV)

A few years ago, Fendi talked about managing Nicki and how their relationship ultimately crumbled.

“I didn’t get nothing. Nah, Nicki tried to offer me a finder’s fee of 15,000. I laughed at it. Can’t be serious – I speak to lawyers now. Actually, I own the trademark to Nicki Minaj. I own I actually own her trade. So, in a minute you gon’ see a lot of things coming off those shelves.” (“The Breakfast Club”)