New York rapper 50 Cent and Birdman might have different plans on what they blow their money on. The hip-hop veterans have weighed-in luxury carmaker Bugatti putting out a limited amount of supercars.

Fif went to Instagram Friday to weigh-in on Bugatti’s $9 million whips and sparked a must-buy reaction from the Cash Money boss.

This week, buzz developed about Bugatti putting out 10 limited edition $9 million supercars.

Bugatti unveiled its latest limited-edition model at a classic car show in California Friday. The Bugatti Centodieci will cost $9 million and only 10 will be made.This car is an homage to the Bugatti EB110 supercar of the early 1990s. Centodieci means 110 in Italian. The EB110 was built in Northern Italy’s “Motor Valley,” not far from where Lamborghini, Ferrari and Maseratis are made. It was an attempt to revive the Bugatti brand, which had been dormant since the 1950s. The Centodieci’s design recalls the EB110s low, aggressive appearance. (CNN)

Back in June, 50 Cent went to Instagram and didn’t hold back keeping it 100 on comedian Tracy Morgan‘s Bugatti getting into a car accident.

According to law enforcement, the accident resulted in minor damage to Morgan’s reported new $2 million whip.

An NYPD spokesperson told BuzzFeed News the department received a call around 1:20 p.m. about a motor vehicle accident at the intersection of 42nd Street and Tenth Avenue in Manhattan. “When officers got to the scene, they found two vehicles that were involved in a very minor traffic accident where two cars were basically side by side, and as the light turned green the cars touched,” the NYPD spokesperson said. “They rubbed slightly.” (BuzzFeed News)