One-time former business partners 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. have the Internet sizzling in light of various subliminal-laced photos and messages posted onto their Instagram pages this week.

Despite not being as close as they used to be, Fif has allegedly accused one of Floyd’s Money Team female associates of dating R&B singer Ray J.

Rapper 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather’s beef just got a little more personal. The “Get Rich Or Die Trying” rapper attacked the boxer and his girlfriend, Princess on Instagram claimed that Mayweather’s good friend, Ray J is having an affair with her. The rapper is known for throwing shots at anyone who stands in his way and posted a picture of Mayweather’s flame with a caption saying, “I GOT FLOYD, I GOT RAY J At the same damn Time.” (MStarz)

Fif has spent a majority of Monday (September 30) posting up Ray J and Mayweather-related Instagram links to his Twitter page.

“THOT ALERT look at the dog Lmao #smsaudio,” Fif tweeted.

“This is Floyd message to the girl lol”

“Ray j said I ain’t nothing but some convocation for these hoes. My time is money#smsaudio”

“Ray j said my time is money.LMAO ” (50 Cent’s Twitter)

Coincidentally, Money Mayweather appeared to also post a message to address the situation.

“When you to take a broke person out of the slums and give them a chance at bettering themselve. In due time their true colors will eventually reveal itsef. That’s why they say, leave trash in the garbage for bums to dig through because you can find yourself hanging around garbage so much you will forget how rotten it is. MONEY MAY” (Floyd Mayweather’s Instagram)

According to gossip reports, 50 is the one responsible for airing out the alleged dirty laundry publicly.

If you were looking for an update on the Floyd Mayweather, QueenPrincessLove, Ray J love triangle, you can always bet on Instagram to have it. Just days after 50 Cent took to his instagram to expose QueenPrincessLove for dating both Floyd Mayweather (who is engaged to Shantel Jackson) and Ray J at the same time, more ish has hit the fan. QueenPrincessLove has since removed The Money Team from her Instagram bio and has even posted a few subliminal shots of her own. After hearing what 50 Cent had to say, Floyd posted an Instagram reply. Of course 50 Cent thought the entire thing was hilarious! QueenPrincessLove was completely over it, blocking 50 Cent and his ratchet activities from her timeline. (Baller Alert)

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