New York rapper 50 Cent is back on his gym goals. The hip-hop veteran has announced his intent to get back to working up sweats.

On Wednesday, Curtis Jackson hit up Instagram to let followers know he’s in workout mode again.

Last month, 50 credited former rap rival Fat Joe‘s physique for making him want to work out.

In 2013, 50 said clashing with Fat Joe went on for way too long.

“Fat Joe, that was interesting. The competitive nature of hip-hop forces us to compete,” 50 told MTV News correspondent Josh Horowitz when he walked the red carpet for the premiere of Will and Jaden Smith’s new sci-fi flick “After Earth” on Wednesday. “It was one of those things that it went on longer than it was supposed to with that one.” (MTV)

In December 2012, Fif said his late pal and business partner Chris Lighty could not stand seeing them go at each other’s necks.

“Chris [Lighty] wanted that [beef] to go away for a long time because he had a relationship with Joe,” says 50, who Lighty managed until his death. “Joe never did anything to me. I never actually physically did anything to Joe. It’s really hip-hop — this music and people being competitive — and over time, you forget what the actual source of the situation is.” (Billboard)