G-Unit head 50 Cent affiliate Mikey Fingers has reportedly been arrested for his involvement in a now-infamous chain-snatching incident from last weekend’s Hot 97 Summer Jam concert. #ArrestedDevelopment

Details of the alleged arrest have surfaced across the Internet early Sunday (June 8).

After Slowbucks and his lawyer announced a civil investigation into the entrepreneur’s chain being stolen at Summer Jam at a press conference earlier this week, AllHipHop reports that a 50 Cent affiliate has been arrested for the crime. Mikey Fingers, who is apparently a known member of the rapper’s entourage, was named in a since-deleted Tweet by Mike Lighty according to AllHipHop. “#ShoutOut The coward @slowbucks For Snitching On the Homie Aka Tio #MikeyFingers !!!!!” he reportedly wrote. (HHDX)

Hip-hop artist Slowbucks issued a statement following a press conference he held this week.

“I ???? this #Snitching sh!t is getting outta hand… Da news #Conference y’all viewed was not about #PressingCharges or anything like that it was about #Brand #Management! Da brand consultant was explaining Da case 2 a panel of P.R. In an attempt 2 try 2 pull some bread out 4 Da”SlowBucks” Brand.. However, the media will always show y’all what they want you 2 ????.. We not entertaining NO #Police @ all!! This is the last time I’m speaking on it…!!! #FACTS & Still (Slowbucks’ Instagram)

SB’s attorney John P Bostany spoke on being hired and pursuing an investigation into the crime.

“What happened on Sunday would have brought us back 20 years if we weren’t dealing with a warrior like Slowbucks. True warriors have the strength to react with honor. It’s easy and cheap to react with violence. Here Slowbucks walked a straight line, he had the courage and the strength to come here and remind everyone that no matter how rich or powerful some might become, how popular they may be, they still are not above the law.” (Slowbucks Press Conference)

The attack went down at last Sunday’s annual Hot 97 Summer Jam concert.

But this year, Fif came out at the end of Nas‘ set and transitioned into his own headlining performance, proceeding to bring out each member of G-Unit–Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo and Young Buck–for their first performance together in years. As the crowd roared, celebrating the return of G-Unit, a fight broke out on stage; in the commotion, Slow from Queens duo Slowbucks was visibly angered and was restrained by security. Fabolous, Ebro of Hot 97 and the EVP of Def Jam Shawn Pecas were all seen trying to calm Slow down. (XXL Mag)

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