New York rapper 50 Cent isn’t keeping his lips sealed. The hip-hop heavyweight recently dished on his upcoming “For Life” ABC network series but made sure to update rap fans on where things stand between himself and music rival French Montana.

In a new interview, Fif downplayed rumors about recently having a physical confrontation with Montana in Miami.

“I don’t really have interest in it,” 50 said when asked if there are any real problems between himself and French. “There’s not much going on. [Snuffing him in Miami?] There’s no truth to that. Would I do a thing like that?” Why would you think that way? Would you think Will Smith would do that? I can’t believe you would say these things about me.” (Complex News)

High Key Details: Last weekend, Montana went online to downplay fight claims and revealed he didn’t have any bruises.

“Tell people the real story. I went to the club you was hosting. You heard I was coming, you walked out the back, you was in the car – I wish [50] would touch me – First you want to spread out the news about me and Dreamchasers … I saw Meek yesterday, we laughed about it. Shout out to Meek. … Now you want to roll with this and call the bloggers about some dumb sh*t, after you just paid for your [Hollywood Walk of Fame] star. But look at my face though โ€ฆ And tell them how you was in the car and never came out of the car โ€ฆ who the f**k you think you f**king with dinosaur?”

Wait, There’s More: Despite Montana’s denial, some social media influencers have suggested he wore makeup to hide the injuries.

Before You Go: In January 2020, French shared a jaw-dropping slideshow of pics and footage showing a woman sharing alleged FaceTime footage of her talking to 50 and exposing bedroom secrets.