Almost two weeks since the release of a mixed-received The Last Jedi, SOHH entertainment Ryan Proctor digs into Hollywood’s massive Star Wars thrill ride.

Okay, let me get this out first. I LOVE STAR WARS! I even give a pass to the “first” episodes. Star Wars is what I compare all sagas to, such as Lord of the Rings, Hunger Games, etc. Now that is out of the way, I have so many issues with The Last Jedi. SOOO many, that is was tough for me to narrow it down to 5. But, here are my 5 issues with The Last Jedi, just another warning, spoilers ahead.

1. Too F’N Long

I am usually all about a movie getting everything it can into its runtime to make sure it makes sense and flows well. Prime example Batman vs. Superman. The extended version made sense out of the whole movie. Here, with The Last Jedi, there was no need for it to be over two and a half hours. This movie has so much filler it detracts from the fact you’re trying to watch a Star Wars movie. Usually if the movie captivates you, you don’t even realize you’re sitting there as long as you are. This one, it feels as if you’re grinding through the movie like you’re at work.

2. Too Much Attempted Humor

Look, it’s not a Marvel movie where you’re looking for some humor in almost every situation. It’s a Star Wars movie, where if something funny happens, it’s few and very far between. There’s a serious scene which has Rey and Kylo Ren engaged in some intense dialogue through their visions. Rey attempts to shoot Kylo although he is not there, and the shot does damage to her living space and this alien crew is complaining about her shooting a whole in the house. Just one of the too many attempts to be funny. The jokes don’t all fall flat, but a lot of them flop…HARD.

3. More Questions Than Answers

It’s a sequel in a long line of movies, so I understand that much. But, we all know, you’re supposed to answer some of the questions left from the first one, while creating a few new questions for the conclusion. The only answer you really get is, “here is Emperor Snoke” and POSSIBLY who are Rey’s parents. The Rey’s parent’s reveal is extremely anti-climatic forcing me to think Kylo was lying to Rey. But, see what I mean. More unnecessary questions.

4. Snoke’s Death

Kind of like the last one, but this opens another can of worms. You mean to tell me that, Snoke goes down is so flipping weak in the theater, I was that dude who shouted “THAT’S IT?!” I have never been more disappointed in the process of choosing a villain in my entire movie watching life. Is Snoke dead? Is Kylo that big of a b*tch to run the First Order? Could I have it all wrong and Kylo Ren is a BEAST but being made to look weak by Rey? At least when the Emperor went down in ‘Return of the Jedi’ he showcased better how strong he is. All Snoke did was read Rey’s mind (overdone), instigate his own death (like an idiot) and make Rey float around the room. For a Star Wars villain, he was dumb AF. You’re almost like man, Darth Vader wouldn’t let that happen.

The Death of Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker, the savior of the rebellion, and presumed strongest Jedi left in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE, goes down in the most disrespectful fashion. He saves the remaining resistance, but then out of nowhere, just disappears similar to Obi Wan did. But, the main difference from how Obi Wan went out and how Luke went out, Obi Wan was struck down and was still talking sh*t before it happened. We all know the line “If you strike me down I will come back more powerful than you can imagine.” Luke wasn’t even given that with his hologram. His hologram was dope and completely unexpected, wouldn’t it have made more sense for Kylo Ren to actually strike him down? I mean come on guys, to have him just fade away does nothing for us. Disrespectful to one of the strongest Jedi the Star Wars universe has ever seen.

The film doesn’t fall completely flat on its face, but damnit does it get your blood boiling about the direction it is taking the Star Wars franchise. I tried really hard to like this movie. I really tried to, because most Star Wars folks told me a lot of what I am telling you. It was really different than what we are used to for the franchise and that’s not always a bad thing. But, when it appears to detract a lot of the momentum it built with The Force Awakens, I walked away pretty pissed off. Time to sit back and wait for the Solo movie next year, the hero we deserve.

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