She’s the Jersey City crooner with a big talent & even bigger personality. Mariahlynn, the Gwinin Entertainment rapper met with New York Fashion Week Designer & Stylist, James R. Sanders, to create some ethereal looks for the New Jersey rapper. At her shoot, she declared, “2018 is my year!” With collaborations with Big Freeda and Remy Ma, she’s most known as a cast member on the Vh1 hit flagship Love and Hip Hop: New York. SOHH Fashion Correspondent, Chant Farrar, caught up with James R. Sanders to get the scoop on his inspiration behind the shoot:

1. Who is Mariahlynn to you?


MariahLynn is a rapper on a reality TV show and sometimes that can taint the image where Fashion is concerned. People don’t know that Mariah has an amazing love for Fashion so I wanted to pay tribute to some of my favorite fashion icons from the 70s. I drew inspiration from 70s rock glam. You’ll see some Bianca Jagger, influences and more than a few Cher references.

2. What drew you to Mariahlynn?

MariahLynn is an incredible talent with lyrics that resonate with her audience. I wanted to work with her because she’s someone who brings a lot of passion to the things she does and always gives 100 percent. This shoot and video interview are no different.

3. Where were these images curated?

The photos and interview were both shot at Steven Selman’s studio in Brooklyn.

4. When did you know you wanted to work with talent?

I knew early on that I wanted to work with the talent. When watching her on TV I knew that I could change her look and infuse he image with some high fashion – especially after the conversation she had with Remy Ma when the rapper advised Mariah to change her look a few episodes ago.

5. Why did you choose the designers you used?

I knew what direction I wanted to take the shoot in. It was important that MariahLynn look different than how she normally looks, but I needed high fashion. So I pulled from a few showroom: Derek Lam, Chanel, Dreams on Air (in Soho), Badgley Mischka & Christian Louboutin. I pulled designers that had standout pieces that were still consistent enough to tell one singular story.

Most notably known for her hit single “Once Upon a Time”, Mariahlynn is known for her wordplay and hilarious antics.  She can be  hopping over tables and freestyling on the spot, “Up above the world so high, bitch got popped right in her eye,”. In an exclusive interview produced by Zaynah Beth, Mariah sits with Sanders to talk about her dreams, little known facts, inspiration, and some fun projects coming up.

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